anti-anxiety improv classes for adults

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The science behind Comedy Improv helping with social anxiety is growing everyday. Just Google "Comedy Improv and Anxiety" and you'll see articles and videos from reputable media outlets across North America and beyond heralding this new/old approach to helping folks come out of their shell and learn to enjoy life again.

There is never any pressure to perform infront of audiences. The magic is in the training and the small group of 8 to 10 participants you'll occupy a space with. Two instructors, who are practicing improv performers, will run through a series of games to draw your mind into the now, before you know it your brain will be firing on all cylinders unconcerned with the past or the future, simply laughing and living - its been called a defibrillator for the modern brain and it can help you too.

As part of Bizbio Creative, a video production company that has hired many actors for commercial spots over the years, opportunities do exist to continue on should you wish it, into the acting world. Your instructors also have connections and can offer advice to help you pursue your show business dreams whether humble or grand. Sign up for Step One and get an extra special bonus. A professional head shot by one of our professional photographers. 

Step One is a starter kit giving you all the essentials you'll need to get serious about performing and see if its a good fit. Once you go through Step One you can join our Step Two course where your extra bonus will be a short video reel for your portfolio!

Whether the plan is modeling, being a YouTube star, an Instagram attraction, screen auditions, public speaking, interviews, performance, you name it, improv is where it all starts. Its also great for building your confidence and giving you the freedom to be yourself. Call or register today.



C$ 285.00

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The course is 12 hours held over 4 days in the Bizbio Studio in South London: 7pm to 10pm, April 2nd, 4th, 9th & 11th - 100 Bessemer Road Unit#11 London, Ontario.