Improv For Seniors (55+)

This is Fun Stuff Folks! Don't Miss Out!

Just Google "Comedy Improv For Seniors" and you'll see articles and videos from reputable media outlets across North America and beyond heralding this new approach to helping seniors.  Have fun, laugh and play! Do something that's great for you physically and mentally! Its time to try Comedy Improv! 

  • Workshops are comprised of up to eight students, two volunteers and two instructors. Friendships are made every day through fun light exercise.
  • Dementia is made worse through mental inactivity - Comedy Improv lights up our brains like Christmas trees
  • Instructors choose a curriculum based on the ability of each class and the games the group play will reflect that.


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London One Step Seniors Improv

Promotional Offer!   $69 $49

OCTOBER 5th, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm 

LOCATION: 100 Bessemer Road, Unit #11, London ON 

Refreshments and snacks provided


At Railway City Improv our curriculum is focused on making people healthy in all stages of life. There will never be any pressure to perform on stage. 


If a class is cancelled for whatever reason you will be entitled to an equal amount credit toward an upcoming class.