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Learn more about how specialized Anti-Anxiety Comedy Improv classes can help your teen.

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Learn more about how Comedy Improv training can help you or a loved one overcome insecurities.

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Learn more about how specialized Comedy Improv classes or workshops can help renew that zest for life.

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At Railway City Improv we use Improv to help people of all ages overcome anxiety and social isolation behaviours. There is never any pressure to perform infront of audiences. That said we do have connections which will allow you to explore performance as a career if you so choose. Many who have taken this training to overcome mental illness have gone on to pursue careers in public speaking, acting, music or comedy. Believe it or not - they were not so different from you.

Worried About A Teen?

Doesn't want to go out?


The data shows that social anxiety disorder is running rampant in teens. Many are simply choosing to "play it safe" and stay in, meaning they are not building their social acuity and making new friends.

Always in their room?


Science is telling us that cell phones and social media are having the opposite effect on teens than we hoped. More than ever teens are stressed, lonely, depressed, even suicidal and its getting worse.

Always seems distracted?


 Studies show an alarming trend in teens' attitude toward their cell phones, mimicking the additive response found in addicts of all kinds. The fear of growing older leads many to seek faster escape. 

It seems counter-intuitive but it works. Comedy Improv has been shown to dramatically help teens with chronic anxiety, loneliness and depression. Improv is about more than playing games, having fun and finding the moment. It is about doing those things in a socially healthy atmosphere of nonjudgmental acceptance. 


The Problem

More and more studies show that smartphones have dramatically changed the way our kids grow up and behave. There will always be great reasons for teens to have phones and no one can turn back the clock, but the data is clear, the parallel rise of a smartphone in every teen’s hand and social media have led to higher levels of Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression and suicide.

To make things worse this lack of face to face interaction has been shown to seriously compromise social skills, leading to social anxiety disorder and insecurities that could handicap any young adult going into a job interview or needing to stand up for themselves in a face to face situation. 

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Part of the Solution


Anti-anxiety Improv is an increasingly popular response to these serious issues. Hilarious improv workshops feel like play and silly games, but they’re not. They’re fun, but they’re buttressed by cognitive behavioral science specifically designed to bring kids out of their shell.  

At Railway City Improv we’ll help the teens you love build social skills in a judgement free, self-confidence boosting environment where they will make friends as they’re encouraged to be themselves. Give your teens a leg up in social situations and the tools they need to succeed and thrive in uncertain times.

The cbc radio segment that inspired railway city Improv

We offer one day workshops as well as summer camps and six week programs. Each class is comprised of eight students, two volunteer helpers (within the same age range) and one or two instructors. Our instructors are active Improv Entertainers from Shut The Front Door Improv in London, Ontario. They have a police check and are all around genuine, fun and amazing people.

It Really Works!