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Teen Workshops are Available

More and more high schools are seeing the value of Comedy Improv training for teens. If you'd like to have some of our qualified instructors into your class to do a super fun and super effective workshop let us know right away!

Corporate Team Building Workshops

A not well known secret is that Comedy Improv is a fantastic workshop for corporate team building. Learn how to laugh with and trust your co-workers. Improv training is about having each others back, successful communication and building likability skills: the exact prerequisites for quality customer service and in office efficiency.

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About Us


Why we got started

I started Railway City Improv because I discovered first hand how powerful Improv can be to help teens come out of their shell. Both my daughters have learned powerful new coping skills they can use for the rest of their lives to succeed and thrive.  -Bryan Bakker


Why we've found help

I'm a certified Child & Youth Counselor. I'm volunteering my time to help Railway City Improv because I've seen how our new digital age is impacting our teens and I want to use my time and training in a way that has the biggest impact on their futures. - Anita Twynstra


Why we're growing

Anti-anxiety improv is a tool that can help, not just teens, but anyone who suffers from anxiety, social awkwardness and loneliness. I came to work for Railway City Improv as a qualified Shut The Front Door instructor and Business Development Manager in order to help people of all ages thrive and to do what I love on a daily basis. - Shawna Bartsch