Railway City Improv is lucky to have these experienced Improv instructors from Shut The Front Door Improv and Second City Improv on our team. Each one of them brings their own brand of hilarious, inviting, improv to the classroom. Utilizing all their experience, while integrating the most subtle aspects of cognitive behavioral science and best practices Railway City Improv maximizes their positive impact on every class. We have developed a curriculum that will not only help our students improve their quality of life, but truly thrive.

Our Instructors

Courtney Coleman


Courtney Coleman began her Improv journey in 2014.  Before joining Hard to Handle, she performed with Off the Hinges, and has numerous theatre and music credits. She has also been very active in trying to reduce the stigma of anxiety and other mental health issues in her community. 

Shawna Bartsch


Shawna Bartsch comes originally from Sudbury Ontario. She discovered improv in 2016 when she went to a drop in and knew right away she had to sign up. Her favourite Improv game is four square because of its fast pace, quick character changes. She loves helping teenagers because she remembers well how hard it can be and wishes improv classes existed then as they do now. 

Rosaleen Kavanagh


 Rosaleen Kavanagh has been acting since childhood and has trained in Improv at the famous Second City in Toronto. From musicals to commercials she has great versatility and range. She is currently a Co-Host and Co-Creator of Tastemasters, an Arts & Culture Web series in London, Ontario and is super excited to share her skills and experiences with Railway City Improv. 

Leanne Olsen


Leanne Olson has been a theatre geek since kindergarten, and majored in drama at Queen's University.  She's a longtime Whose Line is it Anyway? fan and first participated in Improv comedy when she moved to London in 2008 and joined Western University's Improv Club. Leanne is a librarian at Western University and has presented at national academic teaching conferences.  She loves working with teens and takes pride in helping students find joy in their own uniqueness.

Sam Tall


Bio coming soon!




This London based Not-For-Profit organization has been doing good and mastering Improv in front of audiences for years. We're all lucky to have such a wonderful comedy troupe so close and Railway City Improv is honoured to have their best and brightest alumni helping us changes teens lives everyday.